Development Funding

I have been looking at getting some finance or funding sorted out to launch a new development, I have an idea for. I have been speaking to a firm who specialise in funding business start ups, there website is

Once Funding4U have secured a funding provider, they then monitor your case throughout the lending process to ensure that you are kept fully informed of its progress.

Because their coverage is national, they can get a qualified associate to a meeting, if required, within 24 hours of contact with their office.

VMware Server on Centos

VMware server installation on CentOS:

1. Log in the server as ‘root’. It’s not best practice but for now it’s easier.

2. Run all the software updates and reboot, you’ll be prompted about them in the upper right corner. It’ll take a while. If you’re not on dhcp you’ll have to set up your networking to work under ‘System | Administration | Network’ before updates will work.

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Install Webmin on Centos

1. Go to the Webmin Download page and note the download link for Centos. Currently its

2 .Login via SSH to your server.

3. At the SSH prompt type: yum -y install perl-Net-SSLeay

4. use wget to obtain the webmin package for Centos that you got the link for in the first step. Using the URL above, we’d type: wget

5. When the file is finished downloading it will print what it is saved as on your server. For example you should see the line: webmin-1.450-1.noarch.rpm saved All we need do now is RPM the package. Type (substituting the name of your saved webmin package for ‘webmin-1.450-1.noarch.rpm’) : rpm -i webmin-1.450-1.noarch.rpm You can now simply login in at https://YOUR-I.P.:10000