Install Webmin on Centos

1. Go to the Webmin Download page and note the download link for Centos. Currently its

2 .Login via SSH to your server.

3. At the SSH prompt type: yum -y install perl-Net-SSLeay

4. use wget to obtain the webmin package for Centos that you got the link for in the first step. Using the URL above, we’d type: wget

5. When the file is finished downloading it will print what it is saved as on your server. For example you should see the line: webmin-1.450-1.noarch.rpm saved All we need do now is RPM the package. Type (substituting the name of your saved webmin package for ‘webmin-1.450-1.noarch.rpm’) : rpm -i webmin-1.450-1.noarch.rpm You can now simply login in at https://YOUR-I.P.:10000