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Remove Spam Email from Virtualmin

just run

/etc/webmin/virtual-server/ –debug

Make sure policy is set in Mailbox Cleanup

Send Mikrotik config via email

This script will export the config from your mikrotik router and email it to your email address. The scheduled time between exports and email sending can be decided by you. The exported file will take the name of your system identity ending in the extension .rsc

/export file="$[/system identity get name]"
/tool e-mail send to="" subject="$[/system identity get name] export" \
body="$[/system clock get date] $[/system identity get name] configuration file" file="$[/system identity get name].rsc"

Set physical port speed on Mikrotik


Difficulty setting up a new 365 account manual migration (Autodiscover issue)


Tick Fonts






Windows 10 update loop

In an elevated CMD type
Net stop bit
Net stop wuauserv
Net stop cryptsvc

Rename systemroot\softwaredistribution to softwaredistribution.old
And systemroot\system32\catroot2 to catroot2.old

Net start bit
Net start wuauserv
Net start cryptsvc

And restart pc

Exporting Mikrotik Firewall Rules

In a terminal windows or via ssh, enter the below line

ip firewall export file=firewallrules

then find a file called “firewallrules.rsc” in your files folder.