Installing VLC on Aspire One Linux

The below is instructions  on how to install VLC on an Acer AA1 running Linpus, these deatails and credit were found at

Acer ships a media player named Media Master, which is in fact just a rebranded version of CyberLink PowerDVD, with the pre-installed Linux. Also included is a version of mplayer. Both lack a few codecs, probably because of license issues.

A better alternative is the VideoLAN Client, also known as VLC, which is probably the best media player for Linux, if only for its support of all codecs and formats. It was previously available through the livna repository, which was recently merged into the RPM Fusion repository. The latter is the new official VLC repository for Fedora.

Before you proceed to install VLC you may want remove the pre-installed media players first.

sudo yum remove pdvdlinux mplayer\*
sed /pcmmvp/d -i $HOME/.config/xfce4/desktop/group-app.xml

You can then install VLC by just adding the official repository and using yum, which only works if the updated default repositories are also installed as mentioned here.


sudo rpm -U rpmfusion-free-release-8-6.noarch.rpm
sudo yum install vlc mozilla-vlc

An additional step is required if Firefox 3 was installed as per the instructions posted here.

sudo ln -fs /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ /opt/firefox/plugins

The commands below put an icon on the desktop.

sudo sed s/%U// -i /usr/share/applications/livna-vlc.desktop
dca add 12 "file='/usr/share/applications/livna-vlc.desktop'"

A reboot may be required for the changes to become effective.