Tewkesbury Tigers U9’s V Evesham

Only 9 Tewkesbury Tigers U9 players turned up to Evesham for the match today, meaning we did not have any spare players 🙁

On arriving we found at that another team was at Evesham today and we would be playing two games, one against Evesham and one against Claverdon.

The first game was against Evesham and the score was Evesham 8 – 3 Tewkesbury Tigers. Max scored one try in this game.

The second game was against Claverdon, this was a very tough game, Claverdon logowere continually high tackling. The score for this game was Claverdon 6 – 4 Tewkesbury Tigers. Max scored 3 trys in this game and finished the game early due to an injury.

I think that today was the best that the Tewkesbury Tigers under nines team have played, passing was great and consistent. Zac and Adam played very well. Zac especially was all over the ball and was putting up a great fight to get the ball.