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Its War, Me v Red Mites

While cleaning the chicken coop yesterday, I noticed that I had a lot more creatures living in the coop than my 7 chickens.  Although they are called Red Mites, they are only red once they have been feeding on the chickens blood over night. With out having a full belly of chickens blood they are more translucent […]

Two extra chickens

Yesterday,I rehomed two of my sisters chickens, the remaining four she had went to a friend of mine.

We’ve just had a Cock a doodle doo

One of the four chicks we got back in April has made its first “cock a doodle doo” this morning, so I guess she is really a he LOL Does anyone want to give a home to a Cockerell or fancy it for a Sunday Roast?

The chicks have arrived

Today we went to collect our little chicks 🙂 we have four Orpingtons, one, black, one blue, one lavender and one partridge. They are staying inside in the home made brooder I made, untill they are big enough to go outside.