Priorities for health

Are you making these 5 things a priority for your health ??

  • SLEEP:
    Make sure you’re sleeping a minimum of 8 hours at consistent times every night.
    Make sure you’re consuming enough water throughout the day (always use water as your primary form of fluid and make a conscious effort to drink whenever you feel thirsty)
  • MOVE:
    Make sure you’re moving regularly throughout the day outside of your regular training (aim to avoid sitting for too long and try to break it up by performing some form of movement such as a quick walk or stretch every couple of hours) ⁣
    Make sure you’re eating enough protein to support your goals (for example .. a common recommendation for people that weight train and want to build muscle – is to consume 2.2g of protein for every 1kg of body weight) ⁣
    Make sure you’re following a structured meal plan that ensures you get adequate calories (based off your goals)⁣

All of these things will have a significant impact on your health as well as your results from training