Stubborn Belly Fat

Let’s Get Rid of Belly Fat, Shall We?

Stubborn Belly Fat? Drink a protein shake (100-130 calories and 20-25g protein) 10 minutes before every meal. It curbs your hunger so you won’t eat as much and gives you a metabolic advantage from the higher protein intake.

Stubborn Belly Fat? Do a short, quick, powerful metabolic density workout 4 days/week, at least. If I feel like challenging myself I’ll do 7x/week for a full month. Each workout should be short (15 minutes or less) and can be tacked on to the end of your normal strength workouts.

Stubborn Belly Fat? Caffeine is a potent thermogenic and naturally increases your metabolic rate. So, coffee!

Stubborn Belly Fat? Meditate 60 seconds/day. That’s it. Just 60 seconds. It doesn’t magically burn fat but it does, I think, reduce stress and help you be more mindful. And, truth is, most people rarely take a full 60 seconds to actively focus on themselves and their mindset every day. Try it — I think it’ll help.