Sunday’s update

Got up early today, we were at the Empire State Building at 7:30am (it does not open

till 8 LOL) we were first in the queue and first to the top 🙂 It was absolutley

Next we went to Central Park and had a ride round in a horse drawn carriage. Then onto Brooklyn Diner for brunch. From there i was adamant that we travel under ground on the subway, much to Elaines disgust. She did it though and did not moan but had that look on her face that she was not happy LOL

Next was the Queens hip hop tour, which deserves a post all of its own! I was in
awe of it all. Run DMC, LL Cool J, Marley Marl, Jam Master
Jay, Roxanne Shantee to name but a few. Our tour guide(s) was Grandmaster Cas and JDL from the Cold Crush Brothers. Cas was responsible the the timeless classic rap tune “Rappers Delight”

After the tour we explored midtown on foot and ended up in Times Square!

Just watched the 4th quater of this years Super Bowl and had a couple of cold Buds
like you do.

Now back in the hotel to recharge ready for tomorrow.

Elaine is already asleep and i wont be far behind……..