Hollis, Queens, New York

Check out this video, its a hip hop museum in Hollis, Queens  that doubles as a burger joint.

If you don’t want to watch it all skip forward to 8 mins and see me living the dream 🙂

Tuesday, our last day in the Big Apple :(

Its gone so fast 🙁 but we have done so much 🙂

Today we visited the Chrysler Building. The Chrysler Building is an Art Deco skyscraper in New York City, located on the east side of Manhattan in the Turtle Bay area at the intersection of 42nd Street and Lexington Avenue. Standing at 319 metres (1,047 ft), it was the world’s tallest building for 11 months before it was surpassed by the Empire State Building in 1931

From there we started walking and exploring and we ended up at the UN Plaza. It was amazing to see all the flags outside from all the member countries. We were suprised but you could actually go inside and have a guided tour around the United Nations complex. Elaine did not seem that impressed with my choice of activity for our last day. She soon changed her mind and when we came out she actually said that it was one of her highlights! We even got to sit in the General Assembly room. We could not go into the Security Council room as they were in session today.

From the UN we took a taxi back to Times Square for lunch, now we are back in the hotel. Elaine is having a snooze before we get picked up by “Super Shuttle” our tranfer back to JFK airport.

We are due to arrive back in the UK at 9am Wednesday morning.

The rest of Monday

Came out of the Apple store and walked and walked and walked down 5th Ave. Then we decided to jump in a taxi and head down to the Lower East Side (LES)of Manhattan. We went to the LES for one reason and that was to have lunch in Katz Deli, it was established in 1888 and was where “Harry met Sally” 🙂 They do the best Pastrami sandwiches in the world, oh and there cheese cake is not bad either! I was sad enough to take a photo of mine LOL so I will be putting the photos on when we get back.

I decided that I wanted to walk again, so we walked and walked we walked from LES (found a cool little T-shirt shop in LES and I got a couple of Hip Hop related T-Shirst) through “Little Italy” through “East Village” into “Greenwich Village”. We found a Jeans shop just of Union Square that had jeans to fit me, so I purchased 4 pairs 🙂 I still wanted to carry on walking. Elaine was worn out not just from today, but from everything we have done, every day from dawn to well after dusk! We found close to the “Meat packing” district a beauty parlour where she had a 20 min back and shoulder massasge.

We then walked a bit more and then jumped into another taxi and went passed “Ground Zero” on our way to the Liberty Island ferry. LOL when we got there it was closed. So we walked through Battery Park to the Staten Island ferry terminal. We wanted to get a water taxi back up town, but they did not leave from here. So on we walked passed the Heilport (Yes I was very tempted, but the graph of my budget over ruled my heart!) so on we walked to Pier 11 which is situated at one end of “Wall St” so I had to go and walk up it. We then got our water taxi and saw the most fantastic sunset behind the Satue of Liberty! from Pier 11 our next stop was the famous “Fulton ferry landing (Dumbo Brooklyn Bridge) Its known as Dumbo because of this. The Brooklyn bridge designer was killed on the bridge while it was being built. His wife took over overseeing the construction of the bridge, which when it was complete was the biggest/tallest structure in NY. At the time the tallest building was a church that was 4 floors high. The locals were scared to use the bridge as 1. it was very bit/tall. 2. It was part designed by a woman. That was untill PT Barnham marched his 21 elephants over the bridge, then the doubts that the bridge would collapse were squashed. Brooklyn Bridge History The next stop was Schaefer Landing at the Williamsburg bridge, then we got finished our water taxi trip at East 35th ST (Midtown East Manhattan). We then got a road taxi (yes a yellow one) back to our hotel, on the way back we went passed the UN buildings.

We freshened up and went back to Times Square to do a little bit of gift shopping and have an Italian meal at Sbarros. Then went back to the hotel and slept!

Its now Tuesady morning here, Elaine is in the shower and I have just found the Business center in the hotel that has free use of PC’s and internet. Thats why I have typed more today as its a proper pain trying to do this on my phone.

Our transfer is booked to pick us up from the hotel at 3:40-3:55pm so we only have a few hours left 🙁

I’ve now finished my Starbucks so I am going to get in the shower now……

Monday so far

Been to the Top of the Rock, the Rockafella plaza, fantastic views. Got up early and was first up it. had it all to ourselves for 30 mins. Amazing views!

Had breakfast, yum 🙂

Went to Tiffanys and did a little bit of shopping for Olivia while we were in there. Then we went into FAO Swartcz (big toy shop) and had a go on the piano from the film Big with Tom Hanks.

I am now in the Apple store on Fith Ave, its great in here.

More will be posted later on.

Sunday’s update

Got up early today, we were at the Empire State Building at 7:30am (it does not open

till 8 LOL) we were first in the queue and first to the top 🙂 It was absolutley

Next we went to Central Park and had a ride round in a horse drawn carriage. Then onto Brooklyn Diner for brunch. From there i was adamant that we travel under ground on the subway, much to Elaines disgust. She did it though and did not moan but had that look on her face that she was not happy LOL

Next was the Queens hip hop tour, which deserves a post all of its own! I was in
awe of it all. Run DMC, LL Cool J, Marley Marl, Jam Master
Jay, Roxanne Shantee to name but a few. Our tour guide(s) was Grandmaster Cas and JDL from the Cold Crush Brothers. Cas was responsible the the timeless classic rap tune “Rappers Delight”

After the tour we explored midtown on foot and ended up in Times Square!

Just watched the 4th quater of this years Super Bowl and had a couple of cold Buds
like you do.

Now back in the hotel to recharge ready for tomorrow.

Elaine is already asleep and i wont be far behind……..