My 1st Swarm

I have now only had my Bee’s for one week and I have already been asked to collect a swarm. The swarm had made its home inside a bird box that was outside, next to the kitchen window of a friend of mines parents. I waited until early evening before going to remove the bird box with the swarm in it. Everything went fine, you can see in the below photo, that I am just about to wrap up the bird box in a sheet to transfer the bee’s via a car to a hive owned by a friend of mine.

Collecting my first Bee swarm

The next photo is the Bee swarm in its new hive, there are in the hive on the left.

The hive on the left holds the swarm

I’ve been stung

Today I got my 1st Bee sting, thankfully it did not hurt that much! In the photo below, you can see the little balls of pollen on the bee’s legs.

Below again is Olivia ready to take a look at the Bee’s with me

The Bee’s Day 2

I have now transferred the Bee’s out of their traveling box and they are now in their own hive. The photos below were taken during the transfer process.

Bee's on frame
The Bee's in their traveling box


Transferring frame of bee's
Me transferring a frame of bee's to their new hive


remaining frames left in brood chamber
remaining frames left in travelling brood chamber


Bee's on front of hive
Bee's on front of hive


Max and hive
Max with a smoker at the front of the new hive

Day 1 with the Bee’s

I got the Bee’s last night and transported them back to my house. The photo below shows the roof and stand from my hive. The grey box is a brood chamber that was used to transport the Bee’s in. This contains 7 brood frames, I may this evening transfer the Bee’s on the frames into my hive and add some additional empty frames to give the Bee’s some more room. There are some additional photos below of me putting together the additional frames (in the kitchen, sorry Elaine)

Bee Hive
The Bee's first night in their new home
Frame Construction
Frame Construction
Frame Construction part 2
Frame Construction part 2
A complete frame
A complete frame
Three complete brood frames for a national bee hive
Three complete brood frames for a national bee hive

The start of a journey

I have always been interested in keeping bee’s more specifically the honey bee. After keeping chickens succsessfully over the last three years, I decided that i was at the right place in my life to start learning the art of bee keeping.

In the Autum of 2011, I took part in a day course, kind of like a taster session in keeping bees, with a theory based session in the morning, and a hands on session in the Aipary during the afternoon. The course was ran by Oaktree Cottage Apiary in a village called Flaxey in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire.

Following on from the day course I joind the Gloucestershire Bee Keepers AssociationCheltenham and Gloucester branch. I enrolled in their classroom based Winter course. The course is now complete, I now need a bee hive, a smoker, a hive tool, a bee suit and oh yes I almost forgot the most important thing, the Bees.