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What version of Centos is my server running?

This post shows how to find out what version of Centos you are running from the command line. tail /etc/redhat-release This will output the version in a simple format: Centos release 5.10 (Final)  

Remove a folder in Linux

This is the command to remove a folder/directory including its contents, use with caution as you wont get an “are you sure” prompt rm -rf example In the above example it would delete a folder/directory called example. Just change that to your folder/directory name. The below code will do the same as above, but you […]

Zyxel P660 – Removing secured web IP

If you have locked down the web management port to 1 IP address and you need to access it from a different IP you can telnet to the router and using the below commands remove the secured Ip address allowing access from the web gui from any IP. sys server load sys server secureip web […]

Draytek 2860 Port 443 / SSL not working port forward

There seems to be a bug in the Draytek 2860 router, even though I had changed the management ports from the default 80 and 443 to 8080 and 8080. I was still unable to port forward any 443 traffic and would end up getting an 404 error page from the Draytek 2860. The next thing […]

TCPDUMP to sniff headers

This tcpdump command will grab the first 1024 bytes (vs. smaller 68 or so) and line buffer the output for all packets using port 80 (http) tcpdump -s 1024 -l -A port 80


Very handy for Office 2013 installs

Delete a nat rule in iptables

First of all I list all the rules including line numbers like this; iptables -L -t nat –line-numbers I then look at the output that will be similar to the below       In this example lets say I want to delete rule number 2 in the PREROUTING chain, I would enter the following; […]