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Send Mikrotik config via email

This script will export the config from your mikrotik router and email it to your email address. The scheduled time between exports and email sending can be decided by you. The exported file will take the name of your system identity ending in the extension .rsc /export file=”$[/system identity get name]” /tool e-mail send to=”” […]

Self signed Cert for Outlook Anywhere

This needs to be edited and entered in the Exchange Shell, do so at your own risk – I will not be held liable for anything that happens. New-ExchangeCertificate -FriendlyName “SelfSigned Cert” -SubjectName “” -DomainName your-Server,your-Server.yourlocaldomain.local, -PrivateKeyExportable $True I have used this on Server 2008 and Exchange 2007

Unread mail folder in Outlook

If you ever loose the “Unread Mail” folder in Outlook a quick way of getting it back is to press “CTRL + Shift + P” this will bring up the following; Click “OK” and you will have just created a search folder that looks for any unread emails in Outlook. You could also create a different search […]

Trim the maillog mysql db in mailscanner

From time to time the maillog in mysql grows to big and eats up all the space on my mail filter, the end result it stops processing mail 🙁 The problem becomes worse if you have no space left to try and repair the MySQL file, so make sure you check the free space regularly!!!!!!

Delete MAILER-DAEMON emails from the postfix queue

I often am faced with deleteing mails from MAILER-DAEMON that are going to non existant domains in my Postfix queue. Rather than manually deleting each email by hand, I now use a little script that does the job for me. All I do now is type in “delmd” without the quotes and all the emails […]

Postfix Email Queue

To check how many emails have been queuing in Postfix (an email server for Linux) and for what period of time you can use the following command #qshape deferred | head The above command will produce the following; The T represents time in minutes The Total represents how many emails have been queueing for what period […]

Custom Spamassassin rules

Custom rules can be created for Spamassassin, I use a hand written list thats customised for my needs. The location of the file is /etc/mail/spamassassin/ The file name is not important, the format of the file is as follows:- body LocalStockRule /putcompanynamehere/ describe LocalStockRule Local Stock Name Block score LocalStockRule 15.0 The above rule would […]